Contract Services

When you choose CLASS for your business’ contractual services, you are choosing excellent customer service and reliable results.

CLASS’ contractual services provide outsourcing of contract work for your business in our service centers, allowing our clients to gain valuable vocational skills training while providing quality, inspected products.

CLASS’ contractual services can serve your business for one project, for short-term projects or temporary work, and even over the long-term. CLASS’ contractual services can satisfy the needs of your business.

Benefits to businesses that choose CLASS’ contractual services include:

Cost effectiveness
Convenience and flexibility
Increased productivity
CLASS-provided payroll services, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation
Guaranteed quality assurance

CLASS’ contractual services include:

Assembly and Packaging
Bulk Mailing
Eco Shred Document Destruction Services

Call CLASS today at 800.479.0259 (toll free) or 620.429.1212 to learn more about the contractual services we offer and how we can satisfy your business needs.