How will Targeted Case Management benefit me or my loved one?

Targeted Case Management will benefit you or your loved one by providing resources and information. A case manager will meet with the individual receiving services and their support system to continually assess the needs of the individual and to maximize the individual’s participation in his or her community.

Can I choose my case manager?

Yes, you may request the case manager of your choice. However, if that case manager would not be able to provide sufficient support, you will be placed on a waiting list until that case manager can adequately support you. The Vice-President for Quality Performance will work with you to choose a case manager with whom you are comfortable.

What if I want a different case manager?

Upon admission to CLASS services, you will be given information about CLASS’ Formal Grievance Policy. Should you decide that you are dissatisfied with your current case manager, you will be provided with the contact information of the Vice-President for Quality Performance who supervises your case manager to resolve any concerns.

How many clients does each case manager serve?

Currently, each CLASS case manager serves approximately 37 individuals.

How often will I meet with my case manager?

For individuals who currently receive HCBS services through CLASS, you can expect to see your case manager at least once per month. CLASS case managers strive to meet with individuals who receive services in each area of services received by the individual.

If you are not currently eligible to receive HCBS services because you were placed on the state-wide waiting list, a CLASS case manager coordinator will assist you in determining your case management support needs on an individual basis.

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