How will Community Living Services benefit me or my loved one?

Community Living Services will benefit you or your loved one by supporting the greatest degree of independence possible in an individual’s chosen lifestyle. Community Living Services assist individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to build skills, increase independence, and live successfully and happily in the community of their choice.

How many residential facilities does CLASS manage/operate?

CLASS operates three tri-plex facilities, three quad-plex facilities, three group home facilities, and manages four other housing facilities. The tri-plex facilities are three separate apartments on one building site, and are located in Columbus, Parsons, and Pittsburg. The quad-plex facilities are four separate, two-bedroom apartments that are joined by a common living area, and are located in Columbus, Parsons, and Pittsburg. The group home facilities are single, residential homes, in which four or more individuals reside together. The group home facilities are located in Columbus, Parsons, and Pittsburg.

CLASS also manages two additional housing facilities in Columbus, as well as a housing facility in Independence and a housing facility in Oswego.

Can I live in my own home or apartment and still receive Community Living Services?

Yes, Community Living Services may be provided in an individual’s own home or apartment, or in a CLASS residential facility.

How are CLASS-managed residential facilities staffed?

Staffing levels at CLASS’ residential facilities are determined by the needs identified in each individual’s Person-Centered Plan.

Can I schedule a tour of the residential facilities?

Yes, CLASS staff can arrange a tour of some of our residential facilities. Remember that these sites are homes for the individuals who live there, so permission from the individual is always obtained before CLASS allows any visitors into the home. To schedule a tour of our residential facilities or to discuss our Community Living Services, contact Gretchen Andrews at 620.429.1212 or 800.479.0259 (toll free).