Will I lose my benefits if I get a job?

CLASS employs trained benefits counselors who can show you how working will affect your benefits. There may be a reduction in the amount of your SSI check, but you cannot lose your Medicaid benefits. When you consider the earned income from your paycheck, you will find that you benefit from employment.

What if I want a job in the community?

CLASS would be happy to assist you to find and maintain a paid community employment opportunity. CLASS uses an assessment tool called Profile for Individualized Employment, or PIE, to closely assess an individual’s skills, interests, and abilities in order to find the best employment opportunity for that individual.

What if I’m not yet ready for independent community employment?

CLASS’ Innovative Employment Options service provides several choices in order to meet the needs of each individual. CLASS’ Job Training Areas in our service centers provide job readiness and job skills training. CLASS Job Coaches can provide intensive, one-on-one supports to assist in job readiness training. CLASS also provides several enclave or work crew opportunities where several individuals along with a Job Coach work in a business location.

Can I tour the CLASS Job Training Areas and see what kind of work and/or training that CLASS provides?

Yes, we love to show new people the type of work opportunities that we offer. Call Gretchen Andrews at 620.429.1212 or 800.479.0259 (toll free) to schedule a tour of the service center nearest you.

How will Life Skills Enhancement services benefit me or my loved one?

Life Skills Enhancement services will benefit you or your loved one by providing daily, curriculum-based training on socialization activities, recreation, community inclusion, opportunities for volunteerism, environmental awareness/stimulation, following directions, cultural and ethnic traditions, and leisure pursuits.

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