Who is eligible to receive Shared Living services?

Adult (over 18) individuals can receive Shared Living services if they receive funding at a daily residential rate. For more information about eligibility, contact Chris Dial 620-231-3131 or 800-479-0259 (toll free).

Will I have my own bedroom if I choose to live with a Shared Living Provider?

Yes, your Shared Living Provider is required to provide you with your own room.

Are any in-home services available to people who receive Shared Living services?

Shared Living Providers are responsible for finding persons to care for the hosted individual in the absence of the family. Anyone who provides care for the hosted individual must pass all required background checks before caring for the hosted individual. If a Shared Living Provider needs assistance in caring for the hosted individual, the Shared Living Provider is responsible for paying that caretaker out of the daily rate received for providing the Shared Living service. If you need assistance with this process, or have concerns about any behavioral issues, contact Chris Dial at 620.231.3131 or 800.479.0259 (toll free).

Where are CLASS service centers located?

CLASS operates five service centers in four counties in addition to the Administrative Office. Please Click Here to see our Locations.

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