Shared Living Services

Family life and family connections are valuable parts of life for most people, including persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities. Family life provides a structured environment for individuals and is often an important step on the journey toward independent living.

Shared Living Services, contracted through CLASS, provide or continue a natural family home life for an adult individual with an intellectual or other developmental disability. The goal of Shared Living Services is to provide access to a natural family life, such as one that would occur as part of living in a biological family.

Shared Living Providers open their homes and welcome an individual with an intellectual or other developmental disability to share in their lives. Both the Shared Living Provider and the individual with a disability find the Shared Living experience to be vastly rewarding.

Shared Living Providers can provide training, assistance, or supervision in the following areas:

  • Household chores
  • Food preparation
  • Medication management/monitoring
  • Manners
  • Social, leisure, or recreational activities
  • Health and wellness
  • Hygiene and grooming
  • Behavior change strategies
  • Community participation/inclusion
  • Hobbies
  • Use of transportation
  • Life skills development
  • Home safety
  • Money management

Families are monitored and supported to maintain quality of service and satisfaction of the individual.

For more information about Shared Living Services, contact Chris Dial by email at, or by phone at 800.479.0259 (toll free) or 620.231.3131.


How does my family become a Shared Living Provider?

To obtain an application to become a Shared Living Provider, or to learn more about Shared Living services, contact Chris Dial at 620.231.3131 or 800.479.0259 (toll free).

What are the basic requirements for a Shared Living Provider?

A Shared Living Provider must be able to pass all background and driver’s license checks, and the home must have a bedroom for the individual.

What if my family situation changes and I can no longer provide Shared Living Services?

Shared Living services contracts may be cancelled by either the shared living provider or the individual, but a 30-day notice of cancellation is required. A secondary plan is in place for any individual placed with a shared living provider to ensure that the individual’s needs are met in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

My family is interested in becoming a Shared Living Provider. Do we get to select the person who will live with us?

Potential Shared Living Providers must complete an interview process with the individual seeking Shared Living services to ensure a successful match between the individual and the family.

Will my family receive any training before becoming a Shared Living Provider?

Yes. Annual required trainings are provided for Shared Living Providers, as well as additional opportunities for training that are specific to the needs of the individual who is seeking the Shared Living service.

I am interested in Shared Living services. Do I get to select the family with whom I’ll live?

Yes. Individuals seeking Shared Living services must complete an interview process with the potential Shared Living Provider to ensure a successful match between the individual and the family.

What if I decide that I want to live with a different Shared Living Provider?

You, or your guardian, must provide 30-day notice for any changes in your Shared Living services contract. If you want to continue to receive Shared Living services, CLASS can assist you in finding a different Shared Living Provider.

Who is eligible to receive Shared Living services?

Adult (over 18) individuals can receive Shared Living services if they receive funding at a daily residential rate. For more information about eligibility, contact Chris Dial 620-231-3131 or 800-479-0259 (toll free).

Will I have my own bedroom if I choose to live with a Shared Living Provider?

Yes, your Shared Living Provider is required to provide you with your own room.

Are any in-home services available to people who receive Shared Living services?

Shared Living Providers are responsible for finding persons to care for the hosted individual in the absence of the family. Anyone who provides care for the hosted individual must pass all required background checks before caring for the hosted individual. If a Shared Living Provider needs assistance in caring for the hosted individual, the Shared Living Provider is responsible for paying that caretaker out of the daily rate received for providing the Shared Living service. If you need assistance with this process, or have concerns about any behavioral issues, contact Chris Dial at 620.231.3131 or 800.479.0259 (toll free).