case_managementCLASS LTD serves persons with developmental and other disabilities.

CLASS LTD staff can provide specific information regarding service eligibility, click here for more information regarding eligibility for services. For more information contact the administrative office, 620-429-1212.  CLASS LTD services are solutions to meeting your needs. Individuals receiving services and their guardians or family members are all involved in the planning and monitoring of services.  The primary services include:

* Valued Activity Services
* Adult Residential Services
* Family/Individual Supports-Adults
* Children's Services
* Case Management
* Self Directed Care Payroll Services
* Transportation Services
* Employment Services
* Host Family Services

OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE - CLASS LTD can also assist in arranging the family/caregiver with respite and direct persons with disabilities how/where to obtain assistive technology services.

Adult Services, Rights, & Responsibilities Handbook PDF

Children's Services, Rights, & Responsibilities Handbook PDF



The creative journey begins with inspiration...maybe a memory, a new experience, or simply an object. Enjoy an array of photos of our experiences and art pieces and crafts created by talented individuals.


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The Foundation for CLASS and CLASS LTD host events and fundraisers throughout the year to assist clients along their journey.