History of CLASS LTD

In the late 1960’s and 1970’s, the only out of home services available to persons with developmental disabilities in Southeast Kansas were as residents at Parsons State Hospital and Training Center, nursing homes, or if they were mildly handicapped, in the public schools.

No services were available to preschool aged children or adults residing in their communities. Parents and interested citizens saw a need to provide services for their children with developmental disabilities, to get the public schools to educate all handicapped children, and to develop early intervention programs to serve young children so they would no longer have to depend fully on their own families as adults.

CLASS LTD’s name was originally an acronym that stood for Cherokee Labette Association of Special Services, Ltd. (Ltd. similar to Inc.) When CLASS began providing services in Crawford, and later Montgomery counties, the acronym no longer held true, but Directors of the Board decided to keep the name CLASS LTD for recognition. CLASS LTD continues to successfully provide community services to southeast Kansans with developmental and other disabilities.



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The Foundation for CLASS and CLASS LTD host events and fundraisers throughout the year to assist clients along their journey.