Community Organization Speakers

CLASS LTD is an organization that provides and arranges access to community services for persons with developmental disabilities. Part of our vision is to assist the individuals we serve in achieving acceptance in all facets of community life… to know their neighbors, to make friends with their co-workers, and to be a real part of their community.

An integral part of this is to inform and educate community members. We would like to offer community organizations a speaker from CLASS LTD to present information about CLASS LTD and the issues faced by individuals who receive services.

Speakers can also tailor their presentations to meet the needs of your group. Contact the Director of Community Relations at 800-479-0259 for further information, or to schedule a time for us to visit your organization.

Choose from...

•General information about CLASS LTD
•Information about our services: Valued Activities, Employment, Residential, Children’s Services, Case Management, Self Directed Care Payroll Services
•CLASS Recycling: Eco Shred and Eco Glass
•The Foundation for CLASS, Inc.
•Kids on the Block puppet performances
•Employment Opportunities with CLASS LTD
•Affordable Housing Program for SEK Housing for the Handicapped



The creative journey begins with inspiration...maybe a memory, a new experience, or simply an object. Enjoy an array of photos of our experiences and art pieces and crafts created by talented individuals.


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The Foundation for CLASS and CLASS LTD host events and fundraisers throughout the year to assist clients along their journey.