Foundation for CLASS

The Foundation for CLASS, Inc. helps to ensure that Southeast Kansans with intellectual or other developmental disabilities have every opportunity to live safe, healthy, productive, and meaningful lives. The mission of the Foundation for CLASS is to provide emergency assistance for needs that are crucial to the lives of individuals who receive services from CLASS. An independent Board of Trustees governs operations and guides the growth and direction of the Foundation.

The Foundation for CLASS facilitates charitable giving and is recognized by the State of Kansas as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The organization hosts events and campaigns throughout Southeast Kansas to generate funding to satisfy critical needs for individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities. The Foundation provides a system for application, distribution, and monitoring of grant funds, and serves to identify additional resources, establish partnerships, and seek grant funding or goods and services from other local, state, and national resources, as appropriate to individual and organizational needs.

Established in 1992, the Foundation for CLASS assists CLASS by providing funding for special projects and specific service needs when needed. Funding provided for CLASS projects or services are for needs that benefit more than one person and are necessary for persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to achieve successful community participation and inclusion.

The Foundation commonly funds needs that include assistance for dental and oral healthcare, mobility aides or wheelchair repair and maintenance, assistive technology devices, health and safety monitoring equipment, emergency housing and living assistance, rental deposits, medication dispensers, dentures, clothing, and utility assistance.